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Our Human Resources Policy

We at RODER TEKSTIL have an understanding of long term cooperation with our employees. Within this framework comes trustworthiness, honesty, teamwork, openness to development and change, taking initiative and undertaking customer-focused work. We always look for like-minded members who can well represent our company and help us grow and achieve our different short-term and long-terms goals as outlined in our vision and mission.

For us, the company’s employees are like the owners of the company; they work with a unified team spirit for the profitability of the organization. The company offers a wide range of opportunities for its personnel who wish to gain expertise in the different fields, which increases their self-confidence, motivates them and encourages learning and development.

We evaluate candidates based upon some performance measurements and a certain criteria. At the same time, the working principles and the values that they bring to the company are equally important to us.

You can send us your CV to for all job applications to our organization. Your applications are kept confidential in the HR Candidate Pool for the current evaluation.

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