About Roder Textile

Mr.Mehmet Üçeş, the third generation of a textile family, started his business life in 1986 in Şanlıurfa,Turkey. In the 1900s, the family started the wholesale and retail domestic fabric trade under the leadership of his grandfather, the late Mr.Mehmet Üçeş. In 1996, with the growing business volume, Mr.Mehmet Üçeş shifted the company’s commercial activities to Istanbul. Since 2002, the company has been continuing its commercial activities as Roder Textile; a combination of group companies.

For Roder Textile, quality always comes first. The company maintains high quality standards across its wide range of domestic and imported items in both woven and knitted product groups. Since its establishment, the company has a great track record when it comes to offering the finest quality and satisfaction to customers and constantly reinventing itself over the years. The company continues to partner with leading brands in Turkey and this ongoing cooperation has created new business opportunities, led to greater innovation and positioned Roder as one of the leaders in the local and international markets.

Our company aims to be a reliable fabric supplier that our customers prefer, by providing quality and excellence in all our products. At the same time, the company continues to follow the latest developments in the Textile world and Roder aims to serve the whole world with its dynamic team . Our main principle is maximizing customer satisfaction and focusing on customer relations based on quality and trust. Our company aims to be the preferred fabric supplier of our customers by providing them with an excellent product quality and a rich product collection and we continue to make every effort to achieve and maintain this superior quality.